The High Technology District in Campania at the IPCT to achieve new synergies


Salerno, Italy – December 5th, 2015. Institutions and leaders of scientific research and industry will be meeting in Doha, Qatar, the representatives of Smart Power System, the High Technology District for energy in Campania.

In conjunction with the annual edition of the International Petroleum Technology Conference, planned from December 6 to December 9, Smart Power System, in cooperation with the ICE Agency, identified several emirate agents interested in exploring potential joint research partnerships, Memoranda of Understanding for resources and cultural exchanges as well as industrial development partnership in line with the mission of internationalization of the District.

Among the firms that Smart Power System will be meeting, some of the most well-known companies in the country are: the Qatar Science & Technology Park, Kahramaa (Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation), the Qatar Electricity & Water Company, the Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute, the Qatar Green Cuilding Council, the Al Emadi Solar, the Qatar Solar Technologies, the Green Gulf Inc, the KBF Trading & Contracting & Co Wll. Industry leaders and government representatives will be joined to talk about market trends,  expertise  exchanges and experiences aiming at encouraging  research and innovation in renewable energy and smart grid.

As leader of the Energy and Enviromental Cluster in the region Campania, the Smart Power System District actually aims at taking part in the whole energy supply chain. Starting point of this process will be the polygeneration from renewable energy sources and Smart Grid Systems (electricity grids able to actively link the actions of all users connected – consumers and producers, “prosumers”) in order to make efficient, sustainable, useful and secure the way energy will be made available.

“And the emirate of Qatar, not by chance, has only recently decided to bring a “green” change to its economy to exploit the resources available in the country – including the solar potential – through a photovoltaic project of 200 MW, able to cover about 2% of domestic energy needs”,  said Massimo de Falco,  coordinator of Smart Power System. ” The growth of population together  with the increasingly demand for energy and water obtained for 99%  from the desalinazation gas system, has made the decision to diversify the energy production in this area a necessity, so much so that it aims to achieve even 20% of energy from renewable sources by 2024 “.

“Therefore, Qatar wants to succeed it by his own efforts, focusing on the development of local skills and technologies,” stressed in turn Giuseppe Di Salvo, CEO of Smart Power System, “and so he paved the way to the foundation of an industrial system for the manufacturing of material intended to be at the base of solar cells, thus creating a possible resource to be exported. This is a scenario of particular interest for those companies like ours, which are able to fulfill the emirate’s needs and consequently to submit professional proposals of partnership and business development.

Fit for the purpose is the setting supplied by the IPTC, the annual event held in rotation by Asia and the Middle East, during which conferences and meetings come in succession on the issues of technology industry and future challenges that the market is about to propose to professionals worldwide.

Fostered by a partnership  between the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE), the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), this event is an excellent showcase for the delegation of companies in Campania belonging to Smart Power System.




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